Essences of the life

Hii Today, brought to you guys a look simpler, but very cute by the way. I really loved the hair PELLE produced recently, so I decided to take a look more cute and simple, kinda reminding the '' hippies''.
Hope u enjoy 
Miss shinesnapshot_004

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Disney Movie ? #Chien-Po

Hello dear’s  ♥
Who does not like a Disney movie? 😮 
The other day I was looking for some things to complement my some looks, and found that     ...    '' Avatar'' MESH ,Movie Mulan.
The character, Chien-Po loves a good meal. In fact, he probably thinks a little more about food than war and victory. * 3 *
History of character (By Wiki)
Chien-Po is by far the tallest and most obese of Mulan's friends with a bald head. His signature color is blue in the first film and green in the second film. He is the calmest and most spiritual of the three, and his appearance seems to have been inspired by Buddhist imagery. He is rather naïve Compared to his partners, and loves food more than anything, Which is the main thing he considers When searching for a woman for a wife he wishes for que will be good at cooking and preparing food. He is very good-natured and would never do anything to upset anyone, making him the most ready to befriend Mulan. He Also great possessions strength (Which he often Do cant control) and can actually lift multiple people with ease.

Hope U Enjoy the Pics ♥


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Little Things

Hello dear’s  

Today I decided to use a look calmer, and with fewer resources. A soft look is what we have for today. This dress can be found in the shop [[>CaKe!<]] , I love long dresses makes me happier, it may be strange but true LOL.And I also decided use a hair, wore a long time, because we are always concerned about the” new’s” hairs, that we forget what we already have. So why not use a post form and beautiful with it!

Hope you enjoy our post!



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