Two steps from the craziness

Hello everyone ūüėÄ

Today have group gift the store Taketomi *0*

As always the Taketomi doing wonderful hair and I’m so in love with this hair , because it is short ,is mesh and has beautiful colors !

Best gift ever

Thanks so much Bella Earst



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Nice opportunity ‚ô•

Hi !

Today, I bring you guys a post entirely.
Today I had the opportunity to take pictures with a person who supports me too much not to give up on my blog and always encouraging me increasingly to move forward, also had the opportunity to meet her friend, who was super nice and helped a lot scenario!
The left is the Nani Soulstar, who owns the store NS:: and her friend who is on the right Carolina Kayor who owns ::Zup:: Store .
I was really having had this opportunity, do not always get these type things, and when we got to make it count!
Thank ya! ♥


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I feel pretty like a Leslie :)~

Hello , My dear’s 

Today I bring some¬†novelty¬†the store¬†[taketomi]¬†, TuTy’s , and¬†{Phosphenes}¬†* – *

– I feel pretty like a leslie?
¬†– Cherry you’re crazy?
– No I’m not! LOL
This look reminded me a friend and her name is Leslie, so I wanted to post this in honor of her * – *
Kiss Leslie
So .. let it
I created this look with various hair … but over time I was doing some things before posting and I visited the shop and it ¬†[taketomi],¬†I discovered this wonderful little hair I loveee when I put the demo, I just bought and combined in filled with the look, also not as you might expect had the idea to spend again in The Dressing Room, which would be this beautiful Glow glasses, being sold in TDR¬†.¬†I wanted to wear this boot shop Phosphenes that I found¬†a grace, but was not matching anything ūüė¶ ,I with my laps in the marketplace, I found this bag of TuTy’s¬†hit bull’s eye that was well balanced with the whole look

I hope you enjoy


Sweets , here the credits …

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