New TRUTH & Holiday Gift <3


Hello everyone!

Newss the store THUTU *-*

Who don’t like gift ?


Olá todo mundo

Novidades da loja THUTH *-*

Quem não gosta de presente ?


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Nice opportunity ♥

Hi !

Today, I bring you guys a post entirely.
Today I had the opportunity to take pictures with a person who supports me too much not to give up on my blog and always encouraging me increasingly to move forward, also had the opportunity to meet her friend, who was super nice and helped a lot scenario!
The left is the Nani Soulstar, who owns the store NS:: and her friend who is on the right Carolina Kayor who owns ::Zup:: Store .
I was really having had this opportunity, do not always get these type things, and when we got to make it count!
Thank ya! ♥


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